Austin Duerfeldt

Austin Duerfeldt is an assistant extension educator and agricultural economist for the Southeast district in the Department of Agricultural Economics.

Managing an Ever-complex Farming Operation: 7 Types of Waste

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Photo illustration with waste barrels in field.

Accrual Accounting: Inventory Classifications

Valuing inventory can be a complicated process within agriculture.  Not only do you have purchased inventory to handle, but you also have raised inventory.  In general, inventory is valued at what is called the lower of cost or market.  Cost is the price paid for the item, while market is the current market price.  

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Property Tax Relief Through State Income Tax

A quick note for those putting together their tax information for filing for 2020.

Inome tax form photo.

Nebraska Small Business Stabilization Grant Application Open Through July 1

Nebraska, utilizing federal COVID-19 relief funding, has established a program to help businesses, including ranching, impacted by COVID-19.  The Department of Economic Development expects to award grants of $12,000 to eligible businesses, for a total of approximately $330 million.

White ag building and tractor.

Alternatives to High Nebraska Agricultural Land Real Estate Taxes Part 2: Like-Kind Exchange

In part one of this series of articles, I touched on the idea that, when holding land as an investment, considering alternatives is important. We discussed the process of selling the ground, paying the capital gains and then investing in alternatives such as stocks. Here in part two, we will continue to consider the question of agricultural land being the correct investment for your portfolio but will take a different alternative

Corn field under blue sky.

Alternatives to High Nebraska Agricultural Land Real Estate Taxes Part 1: Capital Gains and Alternative Investments

Part two of this series was was published on May 19.


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Accounting for Ag: Step Up While Passing Down

A major consideration in estate planning is the transfer of assets to the next generation. There might be corn in the grain bin, the prized family tractor, farmland and numerous other assets that are passed down in an estate.

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CARES Act: Paycheck Protection Program Loans - Partnerships (CropWatch)

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Workshop Video: Managing Ag Land in 2020 and Beyond

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