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ABC is Ready to Use for 2021 Crop Budgets

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln's Department of Agricultural Economics invites you to begin using the online Agricultural Budget Calculator (ABC) program as you prepare your 2021 crop budgets. The new program allows producers to estimate their cost of production based on field operations expenses, machinery, labor, and material inputs. In addition, revenue projections are included, to assist users in determining projected net returns above costs. The University of Nebraska annual crop budgets are available in the system to draw information from, with individual UNL crop budgets available for download and use in the system. The livestock enterprise budget module will be added in the coming months. Other ABC program components planned include a whole farm cash flow budget, a risk module, breakeven price and yield analysis, plus more.

The University's crop budgets, historically available as Excel files, have always been intended as guides for producers to follow along with and to understand the cost factors that make up cash and economic cost of production. Now, technology allows users to enter their data online and produce financial reports and enterprise budgets in this new system

Learning to use a program like the new Ag Budget Calculator, will assist you in customizing your farm and ranch enterprise budgets.

Please register here to get the program link. Several weeks after you receive the program link and have a chance to use it, you’ll receive an online questionnaire to get your input on how the program is working and ask for your feedback on improvements that can be made to it to advance its usability.

The ABC program was initially funded by the Nebraska Soybean Board.

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Glennis McClure, extension educator and farm and ranch management analyst, provides an overview of ABC's interface and functionality.


Glennis McClure

Associate Extension Educator,
Farm & Ranch Management Analyst

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2021 Crop Budgets

The current UNL Crop Budget files are available in Excel and PDF format on CropWatch. The University budgets are also available within the Ag Budget Calculator program to download into your ABC program account. After you download a budget, you can edit the information in field operations, yearly rates and prices, and the materials and services input section to calculate your projected expenses. And ABC includes a revenue section. Entering estimated revenue into the program evaluates net returns above costs for the crop year.