FARM Relocates to the Center for Agricultural Profitability

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We've moved!

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Our work as the Extension Farm and Ranch Management team is now located in the university's new Center for Agricultural Profitability.

Visit for all of our existing articles and resources, including the Nebraska Farm Real Estate Report, Nebraska Custom Rates Report, the Agricultural Budget Calculator and more. The website is the new home for our team's work in farm and ranch management, land and leasing, succession, ag policy and much more.

The Center for Ag Profitability will build on our existing work and offer new opportunities for collaboration with other disciplines to improve the viability of agriculture. Through research, extension outreach, and new opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students on campus, CAP will serve agricultural producers, agribusiness professionals and our economy, working to provide the research and educational programs needed to keep Nebraska's farmers and ranchers financially healthy.

It is critical that producers have decision-making information that is current, research-based, specific and holistic, and that they have appropriate tools and procedures to analyze that information. The center will play a critical role in fulfilling that need.

Mike Boehm, NU Vice President and Harlan Vice Chancellor for IANR