Policy, Legal & Finance

Financial paperwork.

Accounting for Farm and Ranch

  • Resources from basic to advanced accounting, taxes and policy
  • Free Quickbooks and Quicken training courses.

Ag and Public Policy

  • Farm Bill analysis and education
  • Farm program resources

Nebraska Strong Financial Services

  • Independent financial services for producers
  • Analysis, cash flow planning, benchmarking and decision-making.
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Tree stump near stream.
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Frost on pond in Yellowstone Park.
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Chickens in poultry barn.
Aerial shot of center pivot irrigated farmland.
Calculator and accounting sheets.
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Windmills in field at twilight.
Two red barns in fall field.
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Computers and forms.
U.S. capitol building.
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Tractor loading grain cart during harvest.
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Tax icons.
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Aerial view of bins on farm.
Cattle in pasture.
Corn field under blue sky.
Closeup of power of attorney document.
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Grain Bins next to corn field.
Barn and windmill fenced in field.
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Brown farm gates open to field.
Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia speaking at The White House.
Two generations on farm with Nebraska Strong text.
Brad Lubben on live shot of RFD-TV.
Reaching Out Is Nebraska Strong text graphic.
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