Farm Finances

Farm Financial Management Webinars

A webinar series discussing financial issues affecting your farm or ranch

Provided by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, UNL Ag Economics and UNL Extension


Cornhusker Economics Outlook

Overview: A concise, fast-paced discussion of crop, livestock, policy and financial outlook with attention to production, management and marketing decisions for 2016
Presenters: Brad Lubben, Kathleen Brooks, Cory Walters, Jay Parsons
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Know Your Costs

Overview: Presenters review marginal analysis and enterprise budgets which are tools producers can use to understand how and where to implement cost control measures.
Presenters: Matt Stockton, Robert Tigner, Roger Wilson, Tina Barrett

Negotiating a Lease

Overview: This session looks at current lease values, discuss leasing alternatives and give suggestions on how to communicate to hold leasing costs down.
Presenters: Allen Vyhnalek, Tina Barrett, Dave Aiken, Tim Lemmons, Roger Wilson, Jim Jansen

Communicating with your Banker

Overview: Bankers will share how they approach loan requests and what financial documentation is most useful to lenders and producers.
Presenters: Larry Van Tassell and a panel of four bankers 

Decision-making in an Uncertain World

Overview: This session, based on the topics covered in previous webinars, will explore important factors producers need to consider in making decisions in an uncertain world.
Presenters: Jay Parsons, Cory Walters, Kathleen Brooks
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