Cory Walters

Cory Walters is an extension grain marketing and risk management specialist and associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics.

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Impacts of Crop Insurance and Intra-season Hedging on Long-run Net Income Risk

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Selling During Times of Rising Commodity Prices

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The Role of Premium Subsidies in Crop Insurance

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Crop Insurance 2021: The Role of the New Enhanced Coverage Option

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2021 Crop Insurance Projected Prices and Guaranteed Prices

Nebraska FARMcast: 2021 Crop Insurance Prices with Cory Walters

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Grain Marketing Lingo: Common Phrases

Commodity marketing has its jargon. Common phrases you may hear are “nearby,” “deferred,” “new crop,” and “old crop” contract.

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Nebraska Corn Basis Response to the Economic Shutdown

The events of 2020 caused large fluctuations in the Nebraska corn market, with cash prices reaching levels rarely observed. From cash prices in some areas approaching $2.50 following planting, to bids around $4.50 immediately following harvest, 2020 certainly had its up and downs. This variation in cash price is a result of changes in both futures price and basis. In this article, we will look back at the influence this year’s events have had specifically on Nebraska corn basis.

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Cornhusker Economics: Examining the Role of the Crop Insurance Selling Agent

The United States Department of Agriculture, Risk Management Agency (RMA) partners with private insurance companies to deliver the federal crop insurance program through agents who sell policies directly to producers. The government subsidizes producers in the form of premium discounts and reimburses private insurance companies for administrative and operating (A&O) costs. The government provides further assistance to the industry by offering a cooperative reinsurance agreement that reduces loss exposure for insurance companies (Appel and Borba, 2009).

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Cornhusker Economics: Safety First Risk Preferences and Post-Harvest Grain Marketing A Context-rich Lab Experiment

Improving our understanding of the influence of risk-preferences on decision making represents an important objective for understanding behavior, designing policy and decision making theory. A natural place this problem persists is in the marketing of grain (Kastens and Dhuyvetter, 1999). Grain marketing research has primarily focused on the use of different marketing techniques that result in lower price risk and, therefore, lower income risk (Musser, Patrick, Eckman, 1996).

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Cornhusker Economics: COVID-19, Farm Survival and Decision Making

COVID-19 is causing us to experience events that have always been possible, just not yet observed. For farmers, these events may have a big negative financial impact, or they may not. The impact on each individual farm has to do with how that individual farm has prepared for rare financially devastating events. Preparing for unseen events represents a logical approach. We call this approach stress testing. Just because you have not seen an event, it does not mean it does not exist. Or said another way, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

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