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Building Talents to Build Better Businesses and Communities

Building Talents to Build Better Businesses and Communities
Extension Educator, Community Vitality Initiative
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Nebraska FARMcast: Building Talents to Build Better Businesses and Communities with Marilyn Schlake

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What do great business builders have in common? Are there talents that can be strengthened to help individuals become better builders? Can these talents be used to help local organizations become more successful in building community? The answer is a definite yes!

Gallup Inc.®, a leading research company located in Omaha, conducted a comprehensive research study with more than 4,000 entrepreneurs from across the globe. Their goal was to gain a better understanding of the actions and behaviors that lead to successful business creation and growth.

Gallup’s® research narrowed individual traits into 10 talents and three roles that influence behavior and lead to successful business outcomes and sustainable ventures. The Builder Profile 10™ (BP10™) is the Gallup® assessment by which individuals can discover their own talents and roles that can be strengthened and used to build a business, organization or community. BP10† talents of successful builders are confidence, delegator, determination, disruptor, independence, knowledge, profitability, relationship, risk and selling.

In addition to the 10 builder talents, Gallup® identified three key roles individuals play to build and sustain a business. They are rainmaker, conductor and expert. Rainmakers are the individuals who possess self-confidence in their ability to be successful, are master promoters and excel at sales and marketing. Conductors possess great management skills, build harmony from chaos, and place the right people in the right roles. Experts are those who possess the ability to seek new discoveries and solutions and push beyond the status quo. For any type of building effort, these three roles are necessary for long-term sustainability and growth.

As a certified Gallup® BP10™ coach, I recently had the opportunity to work with a group of leaders from Pierce, Neb., to help them discover their individual BP10™ talents and learn how to better align roles to create more successful community projects. By aligning talents and roles to specific tasks, people work in the areas where they are more likely to be a success, not only for themselves, but also for the community.

For example, if a person has a strong selling talent, they are comfortable speaking boldly and articulating the case for supporting a project. Conversely, a person with a strong delegation talent is more comfortable organizing volunteers for tasks associated with the project. A person with a strong risk talent can help the team navigate complex decisions and provide objective analysis of possible solutions. Each person brings to the team a unique set of talents that allows for shifting leadership depending on the goal and tasks to be completed.

As part of the Pierce BP10™ training, one leader commented that it will be much easier to volunteer for projects now that she understood how talents can best be used within a team. In other words, tapping into individual talents allows people to step up and step into leadership roles as project tasks emerge, instead of one person having to do it all. With a better understanding of builder talents, communities can focus on building young leaders through training, mentorships and coaching, open new leadership opportunities to help prevent volunteer burnout and become more successful in implementing community projects.

Builder Profile 10™ training is provided by the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Prosperity Nebraska, and offered through certification by Gallup, Inc.®